2007 Colts!

At 2 days old, Tabaré peeks out from under mom's tail. Tabaré is by Guaranteed Gold, Jockey Club registered cremello TB (link below) and Basket Blues, Jockey Club race winner.
Tabaré and one of his new owners, Tori. Since mom is 17 hands, he should grow to match his ears. ^_^ Tabaré was conceived by artificial insemination so is ineligible for Jockey Club registration, which is not really a registry at all but more like a union to protect the income of the members."
Tabaré at 3 weeks old with mom, Basket. Gorgeous pair... it's hard to stop gazing at them!
Another side of Tabaré, all nice. He has an awesome temperment, too - calm and trusting, and still energetic and curious.
New half brother to Tabaré, Autumn Rain, shows off his golden curls. There is some white in the mane at 2 days old, so we expect him to become a palomino. I thought I finally had a strawberry blonde baby!
Rain and his mom, Jackpot Jessie, also Jockey Club registered.
Rain and Jess. Rain was also conceived by Guaranteed Gold via A.I. and is not registered with the Jockey Club, but with TASR (link below).



One week old, Rain has a problem with all the sweat he built up running around. Click one of the above to see the video.

Bryngyld TASR Guaranteed Gold