Bryngyld Ameraucanas

Ameraucana eggs. A bright sky blue is preferred, but a variety of shades of blue-green are common.
Black gold chicks. The bronze head seems to be correlated to the amount of gold. The chicks on the left should have good gold lacing while the blue chicks on the right will probably not.
Two week old chicks. The chicks on the left are black gold. It will take a lot more generations to stop getting chicks like the black chick on the right.
Ameraucana Bantam blue gold pullet with a bit of lacing - third generation. Black gold cockerel.
Blue gold bantam rooster and black gold hens.
Bantam black gold cockerel and hens showing off their gold lacing.
Ameraucana Large fowl black gold project results from crossing LF buff rooster with bantam black gold hens. Three generations of buff to brown red resulted only in buff!. I'll breed these half sized get to the blue gold rooster below to get the size back.
Large fowl Blue gold rooster without lacing yet. Third generation from blue crossed to brown red.
Cluster of young half large fowl half bantam black golds.
I got a lot of dilute buffs for some reason. I'm culling those. Yes, that's a blue laced red wyandotte hen hanging with the Ameraucanas. First generation cross is in the brooder! ^_^
First generation cross between Blue red Ameraucana rooster and Blue laced red wyandotte. They should all have a walnut or cushion combs.
Ameraucana 2007
Ameraucana straw
Ameraucana BLR
Ameraucana bantam BLR
Ameraucana Club