Bryngyld Ameraucanas Fall 2007

I found out in 2007 that my black golds do not have the proper straw colored gold. I now have a new Black large fowl (LF) rooster with straw coloring, thanks to Linnea. I have him with black gold hens with too much gold coloring.
Front view of the new straw hackled black rooster.
I'm bringing in buff cockerels from John Blehm to get the straw coloring in the bantams.
Another method of trying to get straw coloring. The orange cockerel has a buff father and a black gold mother.
Update on the Large Fowl (LF) blue laced red (BLR) Ameraucana project: The F1 generation is reaching breeding age. I hope to set some F2 eggs from brother sister matings this fall.
Another view of the blue F1s.
More of the F1 LF BLR project.
This is a better shot of a laced red. There is some gold lacing and some black.
Bantam BLR project just getting started with chicks in the brooder cage. Here are some a couple of weeks old.
Younger bantam BLR F1s.
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