Bryngyld Ameraucanas

"Black, blue, and splash laced red project"

January 2009

This is one of the grandmothers - the original large fowl splash laced wyandotte. She's still here because she's lovely and sweet. She lays a light brown large egg.
Some of the large fowl breeding pen. The splash hen is an F1 with slate legs and muffs and beards so I kept her for the F2 pen.
Note the willow legs and lack of muffs and beard on the lighter red hen. I will worry about getting the proper slate legs later. I kept her because she is one in a hundred chicks that came out blue laced red. (I went through a lot of chicks!)
This is the splash rooster and a red hen. She needs more lacing, of course. He needs more red.
The three roosters in the breeding pen. The blue laced red has hackles and saddle that are orange instead of brick and pink legs. The splash in the middle has the slate legs but not enough red and has orange. The black laced has darker red and slate legs.
Here are closer views of the fronts of the black laced and blue laced roosters. We're getting closer to the goal!
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