Bryngyld Ameraucanas

"trying to get the proper straw coloring"


Buff bantam rooster from John. One of my black gold hens in front. A creamy buff hen in the background from a prior buff cross. Perhaps the buff is too orange - none of the chicks are straw colored yet.
Left to right: A rather orange black gold from the bantam black gold cross with a large fowl buff; a very light straw young cockerel from a black line with a light gold neck cross; and a blue gold rooster from blue Cree lines. The straw gold coloring on the blue and black is the pretty much the same.
My brand new proper straw colored rooster from Mike with the same orange hued rooster from above. Mike says my new roo he sent me could be a few shades lighter but probably carries the genes for lighter straw coloring. I think he's gorgeous. It's interesting how type suffered from the cross with the large fowl buff in the orange roo.
Mike's straw rooster with the young and gangly black/straw large fowl cockerel. The cockerel's straw color is much lighter. He matches real oat straw.
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