Bryngyld Belgian Malinois

Bjorn with his littermates in Southern California.
Bjorn "in training" for search and rescue.
Bjorn at 8 months in the snow for the first time.
Kirt and Ran at the pond.
Kirt and the Mals do some freestyle rock climbing. We don't know how that little Aussie got up there with the REAL dogs.
Rears up to the top..
Now, THIS is an action shot!
Ran helps Bjorn retrieve a big stick at Folsom Lake.
Bjorn shows he can get the stick all by himself.
Bjorn striking a pretty pose in the lake.
July 8, 2007 pups from Ran and Bjorn. 2 weeks old and we have a containment problem. ^_^
Ran's pedigree
Bjorn's dad, Dexter
Bjorn's mom, Orly
7-8-2007 Fyre litter