July 2007.

Tori and Kirt play grass reverse coed doubles together at the Sac City Grass Bash. There were some good moments and we took some short play videos. A small sampling is on this page.

If you didn't get enough play action on this page, click on the following link to see lots more videos from that day. (If this link doesn't go anywhere then the webtech got too much play action for a while and didn't get page two done.) more Kirt and Tori videos

Volleyball action:.


Tori warm up AVI:

Tori warm up MOV:

Tori takes a warm up swing, while Kirt sets.


Kirt warm up AVI:

Kirt warm up MOV:

Kirt takes a warm up shot. Tori sets.


Good hustle AVI:

Good hustle MOV:

Kirt and Tori show some good court coverage and hustle.


Good play AVI:

Good play MOV:

Showing some good defense and good attack.


Kirt hit down AVI:

Kirt hit down MOV:

Kirt hitting from behind the 10 foot line as required in reverse coed doubles.


Tori hit AVI:

Tori hit MOV:

Tori hits a good set from Kirt.


Kirt jump serve AVI:

Kirt jump serve MOV:

Kirt serve a tough jump serve ace.


Tori block AVI:

Tori block MOV:

Nice block from Tori.


Kirt hit down 2 AVI:

Kirt hit down 2 MOV:

Kirt hits another one down from a good set from Tori.


Tori hits overset AVI:

Tori hits overset MOV:

Tori takes advantage of an overset and gets a kill.